"Bag with shoes ,belt, & watch" : Total coordinate

Click image of the items in each photo or you can see more detail about the bag,shoes, belt and watch!

 CASE #1 "Sac a depeche" box calf noir : The basis for business.
Black briefcase, I think it is the right option for business. Which one is the best? It is French harness maker Hremes's "Sac a depeche". I hear it is hard to find high-quality box calf recently. This bag is luckily made from box calf. So, I choose the shoes and belt from calf leather. At the important meeting, I sometimes notice that the partners look down to see what type of shoes are worn. In case of brown, I can't settle down to work because the shoes make them feel embarrassed. On business, choosing black is a sensible way.

 CASE #2 "Felisi" light briefcase : Light work on business.
On business but not serious work, wearing a jacket and trousers are an alternative way for dressing. In this case, light briefcase is good choice. This Italian bag "Felisi" is very light but made from calf leather. So, what type of shoes and belt come next? Choosing black loafer could be fine. However, lace-up is better on business.The shoes are made from box calf. Saint Crispin's full brogue matches Blazer and trousers look. The belt is slightly mat finish. This is made from cordovan leather.                 

 CASE #3 "Moscova" dark brown briefcase : Brown colour on business.
If wearers don't work at conservative company, brown shoes and briefcase is acceptable. However, keeping away from light brown is sensible.Dark brown such as coffee brown or dark burgundy matches not only blue or gray suit but any jacket style. John Lobb's dark brown calf derby in this picture is wonderful. This material is well worth wearing on business. If wearers don't need to tie up, they can choose blue denim or chino pants with cashmere sweater.                                   

 CASE #4 "Black canvas bag" : Casual coordinate on Friday.
I like this old canvas bag. This bag was made in England by "Whitehouse Cox ". Which shoes and belt go with the bag? Black calf shoes are very common so that I choose crocodile. I like a mixture of simplicity and gorgeousness. Crocodile leather is sensitive to rain. Before going out, it might be better to check the weather forecast of the day. However, the best way is going anywhere by car with a chauffeur!( It is quite impossible.)                                                    

 CASE #5 "Voyage"monogramming canvas bag" : Casual coordinate.
I own some Louis Vuitton's items. They are useful and durable. When I had one bag repaired, a shop assistant corresponded quickly and finishing was perfect. This bag can be used as carrying PC or documents on private time. So, it is no problem to wear attractive shoes and belt. The shoes are Foster's fantastic full brogue and the belt is Hermes's Constance. They are slightly showy so that it is better to wear conservative jacket and trousers.                                       

 CASE #6 "Sac a depeche" vache liegee : Casual coordinate.
This is another "Sac a depeche".The white hand-stitch on the hem is quite charming and attractive. So, I choose crocodile shoes and belt. The shoes are custom-made but the belt is ready-made from Italy. I was very surprised that the tone of the colour is exactly the same. As previously stated, crocodile leather is easily affected by water. When having a party and drinking alcohol with such coordinate, pay attention not to spill any water to them. Drinking a lot is so dangerous!                     

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