Two Tone Coloured Derby Saddle Shoes
Pierre Corthay Bottier à Paris 1, rue Volney 75002 Paris France
The art of shoe making, Corthay is one of the most updated but orthodox shoemaker in Paris. Comparing the same French shoemaker, Corthay has something stuck in his mind to emphasize shoe shape or styles as compared with Berluti attaches importance to shoe colours or design. This pair is made in collaboration with an artisan and a customer. At first, I asked Christophe Corthay who is Pierre's younger brother to make saddle shoes in derby style. I offered him a slightly wider saddled derby with 5-eyelets but he proposed me the curved and narrow saddle derby with 3-eyelets quoted from an old shoe style.
This pair has some characteristic such as shallow squared toe, no shoe springs or a bit large heels. However, the most difference is fitting. Not only Corthay but also John Lobb Paris, The fitting is quite tight. Thight and hard might be the same philosophy in French shoemaker. In ready-made shoes, J.M.weston does the same way and even though Jofn Lobb made in Northampton England is harder than any other English maker.


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