The oldest tailor at Savile Row in London

Gentlemen who loves English suits know Savile Row is the street which is talked as the heart of English bespoke tailoring. However, Who really knows Henry Poole is the oldest tailor in the world?
In 1806, James Poole opened a linen drapers in Brunswick Square. After James Poole's death in 1846, his son Henry Poole enlarged the premises and built a showroom with a new entrance opening onto the adjoining street of Savile Row. This is the beginning of the long tradition of the Savile Row's suit.
By the early 1900s, "Henry Poole" became the largest custom tailors in the world.Unfortunately, with redevelopment in 1961, the showroom was forced to move to Cork Street but it was soon able to return to Savile Row15 followed now.
Poole stocks many cloth swatches which range from luxury worsted cashmere in Huddersfield to fine tweeds in Scottish Borders. Henry Poole continues to keep in touch with overseas clients and makes regular visits to some cities in Europe, ten major cities in the USA and Japan. Henry Poole was the first Savile Row tailor to enter the Japanese market. Japanese customers know it and they have the respect for its originality of Henry Poole.

Lapel back
Waist coat
Shirt & chief

V opening
Button hole
Extra pocket

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