Shoe care on weekend

After wearing, shoes must be trimmed carefully but it is not enough time for wearer to care them on weekday. So, weekend morning is a good opportunity to make clean and polish the shoes, which have been already worn.
Step1: Just wiping off the shoe surface but removing stains or old shoe-wax by saddle soap two or three
     months time.
Step2: Applying shoe cream evenly to maintain leather and spreading shoe-wax on toe or heel counter of
     the shoe.
Step3: Wiping off shoe-wax by fine cotton cloth such as old handkerchief with one to two drops of cold
     water or alcohol. Then making very thin waxed film on toe and heel counter of the shoe.
Step4: Recovering welt by welt-ink to make a good show. Brown and black ink have to be always ready.
Note : Kiwi's shoe-wax is popular but in case of crocodile shoes, Weston's reptile cream is suitable.

Applying shoe wax Painting brown ink on welt After trimming
Brown shoe BONORA
Semi brogue Adelaide
Using welt-pen Spreading wax with cold water Well kept shoes
Black shoes
Semi brogue balmoral
Painting welt Polishing by reptile cream Completion
Brown crocodile shoes
Elastic side plain toe

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