Saint Crispin's Hand welted shoemaker
St. Crispin's is the name of Romanian shoemaker who makes genuine hand sewn welted shoes. The company started in 1995 by shoe designer Michael Rollig and prepared handmade shoes for mainly Italian manufacturers such as Bonora in Florence. In the year 2000, he founded the branch in Vienna. When I ordered Oxford shoes at Bonora. I didn't know that St. Crispin's made Bonora's custom shoes but after Bonora changed its policy, it was impossible to order custom shoes via Bonora . So, I asked Mr. Michael Rollig that it would be possible to make my custom shoes in using my lasts, which was made by Bonora's measuring or not directly. He was grad to accepted my order. Now, thanks to him, I still able to keep in touch with one of the finest handmade shoe maker and provide fine welt shoes at a reasonable price.

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